Client testimonials from various letters received over the years:

"Enclosed please find not one but two checks.  Let the record be shown that no client was ever happier to pay a legal fee.  About the small check -- there must be a place somewhere near where you work that you can buy a drink for $5.00.  Please have one on me."   Bob R  (My first tip!)

"You delivered  ... with ease and free of stress.  Another amazing feat.  Well, thanks for the amazing feats.  Thanks for saving me some stress I didn't need.  Thanks for being up front, informative and accurate."  Deborah S

"Just a few lines to say thank you for everything ... you will all be remembered in our prayers.  Again, thank you very much."  Angie & Olivia R

"We did a great job!"  Lou B

"Thank you very much for your efforts ....  It has been a pleasure working with someone so knowledgeable and efficient."  Judith B

"It's a pleasure to send these checks to you.  We wouldn't have had anything without you! ....  Many thanks for all you did." Patrica H

"Bless you for coming to my aid ... .  Events/health sometimes overwhelm us & people willing to overextend are much appreciated.  You don't know how much your willingness to help me has meant."  Jean L

"We really appreciate the good job you did....  Again, thanks a million for a job well done."  Neil B

"We appreciate your good work & diligence on our behalf - you do great work obviously....  we truly appreciate your help on this matter."  Janet W

"It is with pleasure that I enclose your fee"  Doris D

"Many, many thanks ..."    Joan F-R

"We appreciate the way you handled our claim for us, and feel very happy about the settlement you obtained.  Thanks again for your efforts on our behalf."  Joseph G

"Thank you very much and may God bless."   F N

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