As we age, our legal needs change.  Preparing in advance can save us from catastrophic financial loss and stop the government from inheriting your estate instead of your heirs -- when an emergency strikes, it will be too late to protect all of your assets from the government.  Consulting with an knowledgeable attorney can help you answer the key questions about your future:

    How will you pay for a nursing home?  

    Do you want to prevent the government from reclaiming your Medical/Medicaid costs from your estate?

    How can you protect your assets?

    Who will make your health care decisions if you are unable?

    Who will care for your adult children if they have special needs?

These simple questions have complex answers, but they will effect not only your life but the legacy you leave behind.  But you must act early -- there is a multi-year "look back" period during which time the government can ignore the work we do to protect your assets.  Worse, while California has the most forgiving of these look back periods, it is likely that we will conform to the federal standard in the future.

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