Elder Law

Do You Have a Plan for Long-Term Medical Care?

Do You Have a Plan for Long-Term Medical Care?

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Estate planning is useful for people of all ages. But it's even more important for elders. Not only can you plan for the future of your assets, but you can also create a plan of action in the event of a medical crisis. The Law Office of Jeffrey Gaffney understands the intricacies of elder law in Carlsbad, CA. Our elder law attorney will explain your options and help you develop a plan that suits your needs. You'll know that your wishes are respected and executed properly.

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You can always create a will on your own, but elder law is complicated. Hiring the right elder law attorney will help you avoid making potential mistakes and create a plan for any situation. We can explain...

  • How to plan for and obtain Medi-Cal eligibility in the event that you need long-term care not covered by Medicaid.
  • How you can avoid the possibility of Medi-Cal collecting your house as reimbursement in the event of your death.
  • Strategies for getting your assets through the probate process as quickly and smoothly as possible so you can maximize the gifts you leave your family.
  • Effective plans for carrying out your wishes and designating caretakers in the event that you are medically incapacitated.
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