Learn More About Conservatorship in California

Learn More About Conservatorship in California

Seek counsel from a conservatorship attorney in Carlsbad, CA

Conservatorships are most commonly used for children with developmental disabilities who are turning 18 and people who experience symptoms of dementia. Conservatorships are sought after by the families of the individual. It is not something you can do proactively for yourself (because at that point it is too late). An estate plan will help avoid conservatorship.

The main purpose of a conservatorship is to have the court's authority to make the person's important life decisions for them: where they live, whom they associate with, whether they should marry, make their contracts, see all of their records, and make the medical decisions for them.

The second type of conservatorship is conservatorship of the estate. This is far more complicated and requires the conservator to be bonded, but it gives the conservator the authority over the loved one's property and tangible assets. This is often needed for people with symptoms of dementia.

Making an estate plan before the loved one needs a conservator will usually help you avoid this process. It can take three or four months, or even longer, to get a conservatorship granted by the court. Contact the Law Office of Jeffrey Gaffney to set conservatorships in Carlsbad, CA.

With the help of a conservatorship attorney, you'll have full control over who will become your legal conservator. Call 760-918-5707 today to discuss all of your legal options for conservatorships.

What are the major roles of a conservator?

In the unfortunate event that you can no longer make your own financial decisions, a conservator will be appointed to:

  • Determine whether assets and property should be bought, held or sold
  • Use finances to pay personal and medical bills
  • Decide how to invest liquid funds


Attorney Gaffney will ensure your conservator is someone you personally trust. Contact the Law Office of Jeffrey Gaffney to work with a conservatorship attorney in Carlsbad, CA.